Sunday, March 15, 2009

Project 365; Day 74

I was at a birthday party today. A 3 year old birthday party at McDonalds xD But it was better than sitting around the house.
I went outside and right behind the building was this beautiful landscape. :]
man i wish i could afford a wide angle lens, lol


theennn you know i have this problem with curves xD
i couldnt help myself




Scott said...

Nice catch.
Your polarized filter would deepen the blue of the sky, without using the curves tool! :-)

Sarah :D said...

Ooh the clouds are pretty! :D

Kris said...

the clouds that you played around with in curves turned out really cool! very nice.


Šørën Kïêrkêgåårð said...

Those are beautiful!

I love your portraits as well. They came out great.