Friday, March 27, 2009

Project 365; Day 85



Exercise: you don't have time not to.

(flash went off in the second one so thats why they look different)

The main focus of my health and fitness class has been... well. Health and fitness. xD
For the past couple lessons I've been reading about obesity and how its become such an epidemic. That seems to be such a popular word. anyways, I'd been meaning to start "jogging" again anyways and I saw this quote on the page and I had a "woah" moment, lol, and it made me stop and think. Two reasons.

1. Thats always my excuse. I don't have time. I think that's everyone's excuse. Everyones so "busy" theres just no time for anything.
2. If you just let yourself go, obesity slices off years of your life. You have less time. Why would you want that?

So that was kinda my push out the door I guess.
That and its warming up xD it'll be nicer but also the whole shorts and swim suits thing, lol
So i try to get up around 7ish, change and take my dog out with me. My goal is at least half an hour a day. So Im always home by 8am. Then its like I never even lost any time at all. Easy peasy. :] I do a lot of walking xD I dont know how people can jog constantly, but maybe I'm just a wimp. but still. I didn't flinch at the 30 on the thermometer :P I think thats saying something, lol. And I was reading that its recommended to exercise 3-5 days a week at least so I don't feel bad about taking weekends off or if it rains :]

So, its really not that hard... even if you start out taking ten minute walks around the block. It doesnt have to be dramatic, just a gradual change, and slowly add on to it while your body is adjusting. People just need the right motivation I think.

Sorry, this wasn't supposed to be this long xD But its just something thats been on my mind lately.


Marian Heart said...

Great capture!
I love exercising, but this winter I've slacked off so badly that it is hard to get back into it again. Thanks for the inspiration.

Ps. I had those EXACT same sneakers.

emily said...

Thanks :]
Yeah winter is a beast xD
I wish i could play sports or something D: that would make it a lot easier, lol

Woah xD awesome

Barb the Evil Genius said...

emily said...

Nonetheless, exercise is important. It helps with stress, sleep problems, and self confidence, etc and its just good for people in general.