Sunday, March 01, 2009

Project 365; Day 60


Meet the enemy.
And that stupid calculator.
I dont even know what all those darn buttons are for.
i only use the normal ones and the square root button

I need to find something inspiring and awesome to photograph D:
I feel like someone stuck a cork in my inspiration, lol
Ive even been failing at that whole music idea I had.
Its bummin me out man.

In other news, a friend of ours asked me to take her family's portrait. She wants it for a church directory and to print off and mail to relatives. :]
I have absolutely no clue what Im gonna do and Im kinda freaking out xD
Ive never taken posed pictures of other people as a job before except my siblings and they're different.
Soooo. yeah. I guess lighting is my biggest concern. If all else fails I can always use the flash. lol My second biggest concern is not being able to get a decent shot of the whole family. I know Im just being paranoid xD But I'm still new at this.

I dont know, im just rambling. Dont mind me


NP said...

Look at pros' photography websites. You can pick up some ideas from there. I think that's legal still.