Friday, March 06, 2009

Project 365; Day 65



Today my lights came! Yayyyy :]
They're strobe lights, aaanddd I actually just learned what that was today, lol.
They're the bomb :]
They also came with an umbrella, two soft boxes, two bowl reflectors and two ginormous stands. and also this huuuge bag xD
I also got a flash adapter but we were having trouble :/
We connected it to the light but it kept going off constantly instead of just when a picture was taken. Does anyone possibly know why that would happen?

Anyways, I also learned my flash adjusts xD
Man, today I realized that I dont know ANYTHING.
And the annoying speck is back >_< I really gotta get my camera cleaned D: blehh

in other news, Im still waiting to hear from the lady who wanted me to do her family portrait, and my neighbor asked if she could buy a print from me :]


Brian said...

Awesome! :)