Thursday, March 05, 2009

Project 365; Day 64


A guy in the library today walked by and went "Woah! is that a Nikon?"
I said "yeah," and he asked what kind so I told him and that was it. lol
Im not sure why that's relevant.
But I think I'm more comfortable taking my camera out with me now.

Aaannnd tomorrow! My lights are coming.
In case you didnt know, xD I borrowed some money from my dad and bought some awesome lights... I cant wait to use them :]


Kris said...

Pretty picture. What kind of lights are you getting?


NP said...

Be careful about carrying your camera in the street. It starts off with innocent amazement and questions, but ends with muggings. I am forced to carry a baseball bat with me at all times to ward off camera-hunters.

emily said...

I figure my camera is pretty heavy and could break a nose and/or momentarily stun if I needed it to xD