Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Project 365; Day 62


Well I didnt chicken out this time.
They had to re-glue on a bracket three times because the band was too tight and kept pulling it off
so I was laying down a lot and then going back up, and then down again xD
SO when they finally finished I stood up and almost walked away but I went back and I was kinda dizzy. I guess I stood up too fast.

I asked him "Do you mind if I take a picture of you?"
He looked at me kinda weird and said "huh?"
So i asked him again
and he laughed and said "What are you gonna post it on the internet?"
joking around and stuff xD
I said "Well actually I have a photography blog"
He said "oh okay" and kinda laughed
It was kind of awkward.
He asked if I wanted one with his mask on and I said something about the light being better in the other room
It was really awkward xD so i was just like whatever and took a picture.
I SURVIVED. x3 yesssss
why am i so shy? D:

"its not awkward until Emily makes it awkward"
(words i live by xD i saw it on a flair on facebook. lol)

Can you tell its edited? There was this enormous pink circle in the top xD And i cloned it out and stuff. It was driving me nuts. :D I think i did a good job...
of course i wish I had made him face towards the window... but its good enough for me xD


Brian said...

Haha, that's awesome. You did a good job at cloning. That took me forever to good at it.

Emily said...

Thanks xD
I still suck at it :P But thanks to the window being completely white i smeared it around and cloned over parts xD

Nick Peckover said...

Lol That sounds awkward. Good photo though! BTW, when I'm old/mature I'm gonna wear a tie like that.