Sunday, March 29, 2009

lately the weather has been so bipolar


"... and consequently so have I"
-High of 75 by Relient K

It rained.
Actually it was hailing for a few minutes, and after that stopped i saw a rainbow and ran outside.
Of course in suburbia theres no escaping the houses and telephone poles/wires xD so this was the best i could do. Its a nice picture of the neighbors house at least, lol


While I was outside I was looking back into the woods that I blogged about earlier and it was awesome cuz the sun was all ridiculously bright for a few minutes and the trees were all sparkling from the sun reflecting off all the little droplets. It was awesome. So I unfocused my camera because I wanted to try and capture part of it x3


The clouds also looked amazing but I havent quite figured out how to creatively shoot clouds where I live and not get every single house and telephone wire and bush in the picture as well :P


Kris said...

dont I know it. In MI it rained all morning, thne it got kinda warm, then it started SNOWING! Ugh, I hate this weather. And by Tueday its supposed to be like 55. :P

Like the rainbow lots.


emily said...

Yeah it snowed last night here =/
and its all dark and cold, lol
nooot cool xD

thanks :D