Saturday, March 21, 2009


I have this problem.
I want to print off business cards and get my name out there.
Get the ball rolling, you know?
And I've been reading some of the Digital Photography School forums and starting a business sounds like a big scary pain in the neck D: Ive seen words like Lawyers and taxes and frightening acronyms.....
But thats not my problem right now xD (yet)
I need a name.

Emily Schreiber Photography doesnt really have a nice ring to it
neither does Schreiber Photography.
In fact I cant think of ANYTHING right now that has a nice ring to it.

As my dad put it so eloquently, my brain is being retarded.
It really is. Usually I'm good at this. I named a band for crying out loud xD and I have lists sitting around of band names, horse names, even people names.

But nothing is really sticking, Im not latching onto any particular word or idea that I want to incorporate into my name
The ones I did like (Amethyst Images, Studio 92, and Wallflower Photography) are all already people who already bought their own domain names and are professionals and whatnot.

Then i came up with 11:11 Photography/Images but that sounds kinda awkward to me
And Storm In A Teacup Photography but thats really long :[

So Im getting really frustrated.
And I know only like 4 people read this :P
But I need name ideas.

I dont want to be sappy and cheesy. But I dont know what I DO want it to be either, really.
My mom said I should give away an autographed photograph (say that five times fast) in a nice frame and everything to whoever has the best idea xD
i can't make any promises. :P
I dont even know anymore, lol.

Please help me :D


The Celebrated Author said...

Hey! I'd help you for an autographed photograph autographed photograph autographed photograph autographed photograph autographed photograph. Only thing is... the best ideas I have are at home. How much do you mind waiting till at least Wednesday to hear them?

GinoA said...

Swirling Tea?

Scott said...


Barb the Evil Genius said...

Eminent Photography?

Get it? "Em"? :)

The Celebrated Author said...

(A) House of Pictures
Less than Three Photography (Okay, okay, it's a stupid joke.)
Lady Camera
Sunrise/set Photography