Monday, January 12, 2009

Project 365; Day 12

"Honesty is like an icicle; if once it melts that is the end of it"
- American Proverb

hosnap. 1:30 pm, I'm getting good at this ;D i must have taken 3495834908 pictures to get ones with the icicles actually DRIPPING.
only a couple of them came out and even fewer of them were in focus because i was using manual focus.

lol. whoops. oh well.
and this on the other hand is just pure win.
i luuuurrv it.
thats mah ferocious beast. lol


Gino said...

Does your camera have the feature where it will take multiple shots with one press of the shutter button?

emily said...

thats what i was doing,
but like i said, i was using manual focus so a lot of them were blurry and my timing was bad
its not THAT fast, lol

Brian said...

I so wish it snowed here.

emily said...

apparently we're supposed to get DUMPED with snow this week, lol
you can come take some of ours xD

The Celebrated Author said...


I took about a thousand pictures while tossing popcorn in the air, trying to get it MIDAIR and when I fiiinally did and all it was was a blur, I was completely and totally FAIL.

Scott said...


And scary!

NP said...

All of these are so cool!

Patti Senter aka NW Lady said...

Aren't you glad you kept shooting? Even though lots were throw a ways it was well worth coming out with these two!

emily said...

definitely :]

thanks ^_^