Saturday, January 03, 2009

Project 365; Day 3

learn something new every day

How come things look good in the folder but not after being uploaded?
I swear, these do not look as gross as they do here.
This always happens.
Do my pictures just suck and I'm not aware of it until Blogger rubs it in my nose? xD
Or what?
Because I don't get it.

Sorry about the crappy photos. -_-
I saw some gorgeous pictures of pomegranate and my mom bought one for me.
Ive never HAD pomegranate before let alone see or peel one - or whatever it is you do to those things, lol
It was pretty weird. o.o"
and I stole borrowed the idea of the wine glass from some pictures I saw on a forum.
They didn't turn out nearly as stunning. And I froze mine cuz i thought it would look cooler.
In fact mine just look really bad. =/
And I cant figure out what else to do with them
if anyone has any ideas.... >_< I WOULD LOVE TO READ THEM :D
I could always eat them but... I think there's some kind of potential here and my photo-chi is blocked or something xD

When i start talking about chi and stuff you know its late and I should be in bed.
An hour ago.
I was gonna go with chakra but... i really dont know what I'm talking about, and you get the idea
yeah why am i rambling?
im going to bed x_x


Gino said...

I don't know, they look good enough to send me to the freezer for a couple handfuls of the pomegranate seeds we've got frozen.

Marian Heart said...

You are right, those are lovely photos! I've never tasted pomegranate, but photos like these always make me want to eat one. The frozen one is my favorite.

"Do my pictures just suck and I'm not aware of it until Blogger rubs it in my nose? xD"
Lol! I sympathize! But there really is a simple answer to your quandary. No, you don't suck (not by a long shot); yes, you need a new layout. All it really comes down to is that your layout is too busy. Photos always look better on neutral colors, with simple headers and ample room for a decent sized image. I just started my photoblog, but if you take a look at the layout, you'll see that it is very simple, and that both pictures that I have posted look good against a white background (even though they are entirely different styles.) Here are a few good examples of what I mean:

...I'm sure you get the picture by now. I'm rather obsessed with photoblogs, so it's hard for me to know when to stop. ;)
Also, try saving your images as PNGs instead of JPEGs, if you can. That makes a bit of difference as well.

Anyhow, I think you have some amazing photography, so give your layout a little TLC and you'll be amazed at the difference.

Keep taking pictures!

emily said...

Thanks Marian! That helped a lot :]
I'll be changing my layout later today