Friday, January 23, 2009

Project 365; Day 19



“With each sunrise, we start anew”

I got up this morning and since my window has an almost perfect view of the sun rising I couldn't help but notice how beautiful it looked through the icicles. :] I'm not dedicated enough to go out in the snow in the morning xD Plus the icicles are too high so I obviously took these through my window :P but I still like them.


Marian Heart said...

Those are SO perfect. I wish my window faced the sun rising. I can't get over how amazing those pictures look.

emily said...

aw thanks ^_^
i wish i had more windows, lol
and better scenery xD
but i like how these turned out :]

Brian said...

Very awesome!

mr. Tim said...

Those are totally sweet shots. Love the sun.