Friday, February 27, 2009

Project 365; Day 58





Today my dad and I went to down town Cleveland at Public Square where there was a "Cleveland Tea Party" protesting against Obama and taxes and stuff.
So I finally took some pictures of something other than random things I find around my house xD YAY

It was freaking cold. It was 50 out when we left so i was just wearing a hoodie but by the time we left the protest it was 30! Soooo yeah. o_o


Šørën Kïêrkêgåårð said...

That's funny because, as of this last election, Ohio is a blue state. I wonder if they voted McCain, or if they voted for Obama and are just really pissed at him.

emily said...

Yeah but not all of Ohio was at this and not all of Ohio voted for Obama. :P

The Celebrated Author said...

EMILY! Just a hoodie? Did you get arrested? Was it a huuuuge hoodie? (I'm really sorry. But I had to.)

emily said...

i guess i walked into that one :P

The Celebrated Author said...

Ohhhh yes you did. I'm somewhat surprised I'm the first.

Kris said...

Hey emily how'd you get it in the photoof the soldier so it would be just him and all the rest is black and white? I jsut downloaded GIMP and im trying to figure it out.


emily said...

Hey Naomi :]

In gimp, open the picture you want.
Then go to layer up at the top and click duplicate layer.
Then desaturate your new layer by clicking on colors then desaturate. (It should bring up a box with three different options, so you can play around with that)

Then when you use the eraser, it will only erase the desaturated part, revealing the color underneath :]

A helpful thing for that is the layers box. Click on windows up at the top and then go to dockable dialogues. There you can find a bunch of helpful stuff but if you click on layers you can adjust which layer you're working on the opacity of the layers and whatnot :]