Friday, February 20, 2009

Project 365; Day 51


I guess I should stop staying up till 10:30/11ish working on pictures xD
But you know, I've noticed i fall asleep faster, and sleep deeper when i stay up ;]
its kind of nice, lol

anyways i was in two grocery stores today :P and i took my camera with me
i only took a handful of pictures, mostly of peppers and milk jugs xD
i forgot that i wanted to take pictures of the asparagus because they were up by the mirrors in the veggie aisle and they looked cool. bummer.
however, its crazy, i started noticing people and imagining their portraits in my mind. i didnt talk to any of the people who caught my eye though. im still working on taking the camera everywhere ;] one step at a time lol

anyways tomorrow is a busy day, its my moms birthday party so i should go to bed :]