Thursday, February 05, 2009

we meet again



I started reading The Fellowship Of The Ring again today.
Again = for the 5th time. lol
I've never finished it.. but I was bored so i made a stack of books I own that I'd like to read right now. It looks like this:

I'm currently reading five of them at the same time.
Because I'm weird like that.
I just read until I get bored then move on to the next book in the pile.
I used to do it all the time and managed somehow not to get confused, lol
I also have a growing list of books i should get from the library...
And I'm always open to suggestions if anyone has any :P

The weird thing is I can look at this stack and not be overwhelmed.
But school and photography overwhelm me sometimes,
Im not sure how that works out xD but oh well.


MNTY said...

heehee. i've done the fellowship of the rings thing like a million times too. plus, i completely appreciate that stack of books because i have one too.

emily said...

lol, nice xD i WILL Finish it this time tho ;]

cool beans :P

Šørën Kïêrkêgåårð said...

You should read Q and A by Vikas Swarup.
That's a good book.

What kinds of books do you like?

emily said...

Iii dunno what kind of books i like xD i like a little bit of everything i guess

Šørën Kïêrkêgåårð said...

I have a running list of all the books I read. I should go through it and list some.

Sarah :D said...

hey! i have a big stack of books i'm trying to find time to read, too! Brisinger is in there... my mom had been reading the mysterious benedict society to my little bros... it sounded really good... i never finished reading the fellowship of the ring either :P

emily said...

yayyy im not the only one xD we should start a club