Sunday, January 18, 2009

where i've been

i know its only been two days but it feels like longer o_o
and no, i don't have a picture for today
but here's the thing,
i got some giant mutant computer virus.
and it almost ate me alive
i barely escaped with my life.
but anyways, my computer is not usable yet and will not be until tomorrow (hopefully).
all my pictures are going to be safely transferred onto some kind of memory storage device and everything's gonna be hunky dory after my dad blows up my computer
so I'll post three days worth then
i just thought i would let you know,
since some people actually look at this blog :]


NP said...

Oh my gosh. I hope everything turns out ok. Did you have everything backed up just in case?

emily said...

Funny story about that xD
earlier last week i was thinking maybe i should back up my pictures because one day my computer might spazz or something. aaaand then i got these viruses D:

no i did not have anything backed up, lol. but as far as i know everythings okay. i STILL dont have it fixed though so im hoping today or tomorrow =/

Marian Heart said...

Ugh. Now you have me thinking. I'm usually a backup maniac, but I hadn't thought about saving my pictures. Now that I'm getting a bit better it might be nice to save some of the really good ones.

Hope your computer fully recovers!