Tuesday, November 25, 2008

all these things that ive done

I wanna stand up, I wanna let go
You know, you know - no you don't, you don't
I wanna shine on in the hearts of men
I want a meaning from the back of my broken hand

these pictures were really fun to take, lol
NO I AM NOT DOING DRUGS these are actually creatine caps whatever that means xD they smell gross. but they look cool
but anyways, yeah fun times lol
and killers lyrics so you cant go wrong :P
click on the one of my eye so you can see the reflection better xD its the bomb.
so yeah
im working on W but it has to be darker outside in order for it to work the way i want.
so i think i can bribe a sibling into being my subject, lol


NP said...

OMG Emilys on drugs!

Just kidding, these are fun. I love the first one.

emily said...

Thanks :] the first one is definitely my favorite one
and i didnt even take it like that on purpose, i was making it smaller on paint before i edited it and noticed the reflection and was like HECK YES xD and voila.

Scott said...


Don't use paint. You can resize in Gimp (scale image).


emily said...

yeah i know but sometimes when i do that with big pictures it makes it all pixelly and weird.

The Celebrated Author said...

Oh. My. These are awesome! You have such talent! I LOVE the first one. And the rest.