Thursday, November 13, 2008

t is really for...


I have recently fallen in love with manual focus. Since I dont own a macro lens (yet. its on my christmas list. im crossing my fingers) sometimes I can get cool shots with the manual focus and for some reason it never occurred to me until my dad mentioned it, lol. So yeah. The other day my cat was being sleepy so I just started snapping away messing around with shutter speeds, aperture and of course, manual focus. yay.

Im not completely happy with the second one. I like the idea but I think her nose looks weird.

EDIT: i colored her nose pink.
i like it better than the original coloring for sure, lol
It just might be a little too vibrant ;] but i kinda like it


Scott said...

Your dad sounds like a pretty cool guy. Two blog mentions in one day. Wow.


Color the nose pink. :-)

NOT Freddy Jones said...

I will never fail to be amazed by your photography skills, Emily.

And, I love the pink nose. It adds a lot of interest, with the rest of the photo B&W.
It also would look really cool to have both the pink-nosed photo and the orange-nosed(original) photo side-by-side.
But.. I dunno. That's just me.