Tuesday, November 18, 2008

v is for...


These were kind of confusing because i had this idea in my head how i wanted it to look and then i couldnt seem to figure out how to do that. It was awkward looking when i tried to use my hand and just wasnt coming out the way i planned, lol.
So my dad volunteered to be my hand model since i obviously needed a few more pairs xD

The capsules I used were kind of cool, and my dad was just going to throw them away so i might save them and take more pics later if i come up with anything xD

I need some backdrops that are not bed sheets or curtains and arent all wrinkly xD
I also need some lights.
And while I'm at it... I need a studio too xD with lots of space.


NP said...

I like the first one a lot. It was so much clarity and sharpness.

Everyone needs more lights.

emily said...

thanks :]

lol, yeah no kidding xD
the one i currently use when i *need* some light is a rather small thing that clamps to my bed so i can read/see at night while my sister is sleeping, lol