Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Project 365; Day 151


I got my temporary license today :]
So i can start driving again,
Still kind of in that photography block funk thing D:
it sucks, haha


Kris said...

i like the new setup/ template thing... very nice. Youre lucky you can drive. I can start in August, but I don't get my license for another year...

waiting...not my forte.
but that is *points over at kia*

haha have you seen that commercial. :)


Kris said...

i just had this thought about your photography funk thingy.
youd think in spring that you have a lot more material, but you end up taking a bazillion pictures of flowers and then it gets old. then winter comes and you think "whoah! snow! new pictures!" then that gets old too.


emily said...

thanks :D
haha, i cant get my official license until next February when I turn 18,

im not good at waiting either :P

no i dont think ive seen that commercial x3

Haha, thats exactly the way it goes xD Im so over flowers right now, ;] but im not ready for snow yet either, :P

Kris said...

definetly NOT ready for snow. nonnononono bring on the summer heat!