Saturday, June 13, 2009

or not...

I was at my cousins graduation party and I was playing volleyball with some kids
And so I asked my brother to set my camera on the table with my dad
only I guess someone ran by and
yeah, i think you can see where this is going,
I dont know if theres anything wrong with the camera. By this point there probably is! But right now the lens is really messed up good this time.
I only have $200 so I dont have money to buy a better lens thats different, like an 18-200mm or something. Something nice that covers different ranges...
But I can only afford to buy the exact same thing.
I was reading that its so cheap because its made of plastic and cheap material,
well thats great
but its all i can afford :[
And I kind of need a new lens. And a job.
So i dont know what Im gonna do right now except sulk in the basement and watch Bones by myself.
Sorry for the emo post, but Im kinda mad about it. Its been one of those weeks where its just one thing after the other, so yeah, >_<


Rebekah said...

Well I would come and watch Bones with you so you wouldn't be watching by yourself! But that's all since I only have $40. :( maybe Sweet's awesomeness will distract you from the sadness of your camera lens!

emily said...

well im only on like the 3rd or 4th episode of season 2 so he isnt there yet D: but it did help, haha

Šørën Kïêrkêgåårð said...

You should shop around online for a good lense. It might take a little time, but I'm sure you can find exactly what you want for less than $200.

emily said...

I really doubt it =/ but i'll keep looking

Kris said...

i have a question:
since when did volleyball and graduation parties become a tradition. i mean, every one ive ever been to has had a volleyball net.
okay that was random.
well, im sorry about your camera. i hope it gets fixed.

emily said...

im not sure, but his party was at a park and they happened to have a net right by the pavilion so we played, haha