Friday, September 19, 2008

chapter 3

I'm actually thinking of stealing Brian's idea and trying to do pictures of things in alphabetical order but I'm not exactly sure yet, lol.


MNTY said...

omg. whoa. i love them.
i think the 3rdi s my favorite...

and what book is that? is it wicked lovely?
if it is that would be werid t hat i recognized it from like nothing xD and if not, then you should read that book, haha.

emily said...

no its a book called Ink Exchange. Im only on um. Chapter three. xD but its about faeries and somehow this girl is bound to a faerie by the ink in her tattoo andddd im not sure. but the faerie world is in danger and

i dont know. lol.
that would definitely be weird, lol

Brian said...

I like the third one too. Also I hope you do the ABC's. I'd like to see what you come up with. Oh, and don't worry about the stealing idea, cause I stole it from someone on flickr. ;)