Saturday, May 23, 2009

Project 365; Day 142

Well Brian tagged me for this, and I kind of cheated xD But I saw it in the morning, right after I woke up
And no one wants to see that. xD

Anyways, this is my task:

As soon as you learn you have been tagged to play, you take a photo right away, no cleaning up, no primping, no preening. Just grab the camera and shoot. No cleaning up the photo in post either.

I wanted to post this one (before i edited it) just to be a smarty pants.


But I decided not to xD and I picked this one. I also learned I am extremely picky about self portraits.


Thats the easy part.
THEN I need to talk about:

At least 1 favorite photographer in the field of photography in which you plan to pursue.


At least 1 favorite photographer who mainly used film.

This is the hard(er) part because I know very little about other photographers. xD
And I just typed out like a lot of stuff and It erased almost everything -_- SO I have to write it all over again. yay.

I am not sure what field I want to go in. I like a little bit of everything, music, fashion, abstract, nature, etc. But the first person who came to mind was Annie Leibovitz. I saw something on PBS about her a while back, when I was first really getting into photography and her photos blew me away. They're absolutely amazing. I couldn't find a link to a website specifically for her but if you google her, you'll find stuff. xD She's one of the most famous celebrity photographers, but unfortunately she went bankrupt I guess and had to sell the rights to her life's work of photographs. That kinda sucks. o_o;

As for the second question, I saw this documentary once about a photographer and it was called War Photographer. The man's name is James Nachtwey and he travels the world going to places and photographs what he sees, like wars and diseases etc. He's got some really powerful photos. He gets right up in the middle of things, putting himself in danger, for the sake of sharing what he's seen with the world. Once he got some illness from somewhere and almost died and gave his family a nice scare but he recovered and went right back out there. So, he's also pretty amazing. I dont think I could ever do what he does.

So thats that. xD
Well most of the photographers I know of who read my blog have already been tagged :P
Except for Naomi/Gracen Black. So I'm tagging her :]

This was fun xD thanks for tagging me Brian :D


Kris said...

Wowthanks for tagging me. haha. This will be brilliant.


emily said...

haha x3 you're welcome :P

Marian Heart said...

So fun!
Yeah. Self portraits are hard. I hate not being able to see what I'm taking a picture of.