Thursday, April 09, 2009

Project 365; Day 95


Today my brother had his first communion :] I have some more pictures I'll post later but right now its getting late.

We have church services on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and of course Easter.
The Saturday service is new, and we're gonna have candles and stuff. Im hoping I wont have too much trouble getting some good candle photos, because i think that could be pretty cool if i can get them to turn out. Maybeee i should practice. :] theres a thought, haha.

Iiim still behind with my 365 I guess. Im not sure how many days but I'll worry about that laterrr :]


Marian Heart said...

Congratulations to your brother - what a beautiful day!

"If the Angels could envy, the would envy us for Holy Communion." - Pope St. Pius X

The Celebrated Author said...

Pshh. We have two services a day for Holy Week and the first week of Easter, and one of them is Divine.

Congrats to the little person, though.

emily said...

Wow, Maggie. xD
Thats a lot of services :P

Thanks guys xD