Monday, April 14, 2008

Whats in a name?

Cliche. lol. anywaysss

I was thinking about putting some kind of name on some of my better photos... especially since recently somebody asked me to use my photo for something. Soo... So since you project 365ers know how to do all that and I dont I thought I'd ask. x3

Do you just slap something on in paint?
Thats easy enough buuut then I have to come up with a name to put on them xD
I was thinking about using my blog name in it some how but "Cursed Photography" seems to be missing something.
I could always use my name but it doesnt really sound that great either.

so. meh. >_<

Actually for a moment I was considering Miley Photography x3 as a joke... because my baby brother calls me Miley. He cant quite pronounce Emily yet, but they have the same letters x3 he just mixed them up a little.

Anyways I was hoping somebody could give me some suggestions/help me out.

While I'm asking questions, does anybody know anything about copyrights? Somebody was asking me if I was going to put a copyright on my pictures but I dont know how that all works out >_< I could slap a (C) on there but that doesnt necessarily mean anything x3

So anyways, I think Im done, lol...
thanks guys


Brian said...

I use my real name cause I liked the way it flowed, and my name's pretty original. Second I use phixr to add my water mark. It has an "add text" feature. I really like the positioning of the lettering in phixr, but that's a personal thing. Phixr also has the ability to merge with photo sites like Flikr,(which is what I've done) picasa, and photo bucket. Then I just right click them off of the that.

Also To get the © symbol hold down the “alt” key on your keyboard and type 0169.

Now about the copy right. As far as I know, if you took it, its yours.

Emily said...

You have a cool name, and I like the way it sounds but my name attached to "Photography" just doesnt sound so cool x3

thats pretty spiffy ^_^ thanks,