Thursday, September 13, 2007

Penny For Your Thoughts

I love this one. ^_^
This was taken with my brand new Nikon d40 :D
Yes I spent almost all of my summer job money on a camera.


bigfoot12 said...

That is an awesome closeup. Love the black and white. Isn't cool how a new camera makes your pics "better"? I wish shoes were like that...

How is this new camera working out for you? I'm thinking about getting an SLR also, like a Canon XT, or a Pentax K10D.

Emily said...

Lol, if shoes were like that... that would be pretty awesome. :P
But yeah it is pretty amazing. THen the other day I picked up my little Kodak EasyShare Z650 and I said "When did this thing get so small!" lol

Its working out pretty good. I've had the Kodak for about a year and half now so I know almost everything about it and what works best with what and now I have this one and so we're still getting to know each other :P
So far the only thing is it doesn't zoom very far, so if i wanted to zoom I'd have to get closer or get a different lens...